What Real Estate Professionals and Homeowners are saying about Ron Isaacson –

SPACE-MAN Inspections:


“Plain and simple, Ron Isaacson is the best property analyst that I have ever had the experience of working with. His knowledge of buildings and their systems is second to none. I find Ron to be unique in his ability to be extremely thorough, accurate and informative without being alarming or overly dramatic. His calm and professional demeanor makes everyone involved feel at ease and secure. I strongly recommend that anyone buying, building or selling a property have Ron review that property first.” E. Kane

“Ron Isaacson has handled many house inspections for my clients over the past 6 years. I recommended him to all my buyers and even to people who need advice on problems that they had on properties they currently owned. He does not disappoint you and is always prompt and very fairly priced.” Susan Cooney

“I’ve worked with Ron on many home inspections. I’ve been a Realtor for 32 years. I know when I refer my clients to him, they will get a detail oriented inspection that is explained thoroughly to them. He is very conscientious.” S. Kessel

“I have recommended Ron to many of my buyers over the past several years as a home inspector. He is very thorough and has great knowledge regarding the construction of homes. He does the job – he does not watch the clock. The inspection takes whatever time is required of him. I am in attendance at every one of these inspections and I have not yet had a client who was disappointed in his services. He explains issues to clients in a clear concise manner and shows that he cares about his clients knowing what they need to know in order to make their decision about the quality of the house. I highly recommend him.” L Chamberlin

Real Estate Attorney

“As a real estate attorney, I have had several occasions over the years to refer Ron to clients of mine. I found Ron to be knowledgeable and professional, but perhaps even more importantly, I always received rave reviews from my clients as to what a pleasure it was to work with him. There is no better response then having a client, after the fact, thanking you for the referral. I could not recommend Ron strongly enough.” J Lazar,

Architects/Building Trades Professionals

“Before he left Chicago – Ron was the one and only person I would refer to for inspections. Ron was beyond professional and was that way long before inspectors became licensed (a new development in Illinois). He has always done an excellent job and his experiences in a multitude of hobbies and interests not only makes him interesting to be around, he also uses it to understand his clients and their projects better. His facility with a variety of tools also gives depth and accuracy to his work. I have no hesitancy in recommending Ron.” C Turley

“I have recommended Ron to numerous clients and for several business opportunities. I love Ron’s depth of knowledge and his enthusiasm for quality and conservation. I would recommend Ron without hesitation to anyone who needed consultation, information or a referral.” T Decker,

What Home Owners are saying:

“I’ve hired Ron twice–first to do a complete inspection of my home before putting it on the market and again to do a thorough energy audit. Each time I came away with long lists of helpful and detailed information about what I could do to improve my home–most of which was surprisingly easy to do. He is a complete expert–above and beyond most home inspectors.” L Carver

“I have recommended Ron to clients and friends and have always received very positive feedback on his services. He is easy to work with and has an impressive understanding of his craft. His ability to provide Energy Audits adds another valuable service for property owners.” B. Sullivan

“I called Ron to the house I’m renting for an inspection. It was suspicious to me that all of us were sick since we moved in… Ron brought a special equipment to determine extensive moisture in the walls. Not only he found huge problems with the “moisture”, but also poor insulation and furnace gas problems and many more. Ron provided detailed paperwork that letting me cancel lease agreement. Within a few short weeks of his inspection, I worked with a realtor to find and purchase a wonderful home. Everybody who is buying or renting should have Ron inspect the place first. It is worth it!” L. Muchnik

“Ron Isaacson is not only a home inspector to be used when buying and selling a home, but Ron is also a great resource when you want to do remodeling. I was going to have my home painted, and I called Ron in before doing anything. He recommended several projects that were more important than painting, including repairing my roof that still had water coming into it. Ron is wonderful, my children have used him and I will definitely use him again in April now that I have a new roof on my home.” S. Tash


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